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Extraordinary thermal stability and sinter resistance of sub-2-nm platinum nanoparticles anchored to a carbon support by selenium

Chen, Z.; Cheng, H.; Cao Z.; Zhu, J.; Blum, T.; Zhang, Q.; Chi, M. and Xia, Y. Nano Letters 2024, 24, in press.


Thermal stability of Au rhombic dodecahedral nanocrystals can be greatly enhanced by coating their surface with an ultrathin shell of Pt

Pawlik, V. D.; Zhao, X.; Figueras-Valls, M.; Wolter, T.; Hood, Z. D.; Ding, Y.; Liu, J.; Chi, M.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y. Nano Letters 2024, 24, 549-556.


Rh@Au core-shell nanocrystals with the core in tensile strain and the shell in compressive strain

Pawlik, V. D.; Janssen, A.; Ding, Y. and Xia, Y. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2024, 128, 1377-1385.


Noble-metal nanocrystals: Synthesis and biomedical applications

Chen, Y.; Yan, E. and Xia, Y. Materials Matter 2024, in press (Invited mini-review article)


Nanomaterial-enabled photothermal heating and its use for cancer therapy via localized hyperthermia

Shen, S.; Qiu, J.; Huo, D. and Xia, Y. Small 2024, in press. (Review article)


Slowly removing surface ligand by aging the sample enhances the stability of Pd nanosheets toward electron beam irradiation and electrocatalysis

Zhang, Y.; Han, S.; Zhu, S.; Chen, R.; Li, T.; Lyu, Z.; Zhao, M.; Gu, M.; Shao, M. and Xia, Y. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2023, 62, e20231463.


Single-atom catalysts for oxygen reduction: Transition metals in uniform carbon nanospheres at high loadings

Jeskey, J.; Ding, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hood, Z. D.; Sterbinsky, G. E.; Jaroniec, M. and Xia, Y. JACS Au 2023, 3, 3227-3236.


Development of highly-active catalysts toward oxygen reduction by controlling the shape and composition of Pt-Ni nanocrystals

Xie, M.; Shen, M.; Chen, R.; and Xia, Y. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023, 15, 49146-49153.


Facile synthesis of Ru nanoboxes with a hexagonal close-packed structure by templating with Ag nanocubes and their catalytic properties

Yu, H.; Ding, Y.; Wang, P.; Nguyen, Q. N.; Xia, Y. and Qin, D. Chemistry: A European Journal 2023, 29, e202302603.


Fast and non-equilibrium uptake of hydrogen by Pd icosahedral nanocrystals

Zhou, S.; Figueras-Valls, M.; Shi, Y.; Ding, Y.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2023, 62, e202306906. (Hot paper, highlighted on the front cover)


Shape-controlled synthesis of metal nanocrystals: Mind the surface heterogeneity

Nguyen, Q. N.; Chen, R. and Xia, Y. Trends in Chemistry 2023, 5, 748-762. (Invited review article)


One-pot polyol synthesis and scalable production of Rh−Pd alloy nanorods with tunable compositions

Zhou, M.; Wang, C.; Wang, H. and Xia, Y. ChemNanoMat 2023, 9, e202300290. (Highlighted on the front cover)


Deterministic synthesis of Pd nanocrystals enclosed by high-index facets and their enhanced activity toward formic acid oxidation

Liu, M.; Zhou, S.; Choi, S.-I. and Xia, Y. Precision Chemistry 2023, 1, 372-381.


Bimetallic core-shell nanocrystals: Opportunities and challenges

Wang, C.; Shi, Y.; Qin, D. and Xia, Y. Nanoscale Horizons 2023, 8, 1194-1204. (Invited review article)


Interstitial carbon atoms enhance both selectivity and activity of rhodium catalysts toward C-C cleavage in direct ethanol fuel cells

Cao, Z.; Li, H.; Fan, Q.; Liu, Z.; Chen, Z.; Sun, Y.; Ye, J.; Cao, M.; Shen, C.; Jiang, Y.; Chi, M.; Cheng, J.; Chen, H.; Xie, Z. and Xia, Y. Nano Energy 2023, 113, 108597.

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