Archived Publications

804. Kinetically-controlled synthesis of Pd-Cu Janus nanocrystals with enriched surface structures and enhanced catalytic activities toward CO2 reduction

Lyu, Z.; Zhu, S.; Xu, L.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Xie, M.; Li, T.; Zhou, S.; Liu, J.; Chi, M.; Shao, M.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020, in press.

803. Introduction: Advanced materials and methods for catalysis and electrocatalysis by transition metals

Xia, Y.; Campbell, C. T.; Roldan, B. R. and Mavrikakis, M.

Chemical Reviews, 2020, in press. 

802. Physical transformations of noble-metal nanocrystals upon thermal activation

Lyu, Z.; Chen, R.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y.

Accounts of Chemical Research, 2020, in press. 

801. A simple route to the synthesis of Pt nanobars and the mechanistic understanding of symmetry breaking

Chen, R.; Nguyen, Q. N.; Zhao, M.; Chen, Z.; Chi, M. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry: A European Journal, 2020, in press. (hot paper)

800. Gold nanocages for effective photothermal conversion and related applications

Qiu, J.; Xie, M.; Wu, T.; Qin, D. and Xia, Y.

Chemical Science, 2020, in press. (invited perspective article) 

799. Introduction: Heterogeneous single-atom catalysis (SAC)

Li, J.; Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M. and Xia, Y.

Chemical Reviews, 2020, 120, 11699-11702.

798. Controlling the surface oxidation of Cu nanowires improves their catalytic selectivity and stability toward C2+ products in CO2 reduction

Lyu, Z.; Zhu, S.; Xie, M.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Chen, R.; Tian, M.; Chi, M.; Shao, M. and Xia, Y.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, in press. 

797. A mechanistic study of the multiple roles of oleic acid in the oil-phase synthesis of Pt nanocrystals

Xie, M.; Lyu, Z.; Chen, R. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry: A European Journal, 2020, 26, 15636-15642.

796. How to remove the capping agent from Pd nanocubes without destructing their surface structure for the maximization of catalytic activity

Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Cao, Z.; Xie, M. and Xia, Y.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 19129-19135.

795. Noble-metal nanocrystals with controlled shapes for catalytic and electrocatalytic applications

Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Zhao, M.; Chen, R.; Nguyen, Q. and Xia, Y.

Chemical Reviews, 2020, in press. (invited review article)

794. A new catalytic system with balanced activity and durability toward oxygen reduction

Cao, Z.; Xie, M.; Cheng, H.; Chen, R.; Lyu, Z.; Xie, Z. and Xia, Y.

ChemCatChem, 2020, 12, 4817-4824.

793. Facile synthesis of Ag@PdnL icosahedral nanocrystals as a class of cost-effective electrocatalysts toward formic acid oxidation

Wang, W.; Chen, Z.; Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Cao, Z.; Cheng, H.; Chi, M.; Xiao, K. and Xia, Y.

ChemCatChem, 2020, 12, 5156-5163.

792. Spatiotemporally controlling the release of biological effectors enhances their effects on cell migration and neurite outgrowth

Xue, J.; Wu, T.; Qiu, J. and Xia, Y.

Small Methods, 2020, 4, 2000125.

791. Promoting cell migration and neurite extension along uniaxially aligned nanofibers with biomacromolecular particles in a density gradient

Xue, J.; Wu, T. Qiu, J.; Rutledge, S.; Tanes, M. L. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30, 2002031.

790. Controlling the release of neurotrophin-3 and chondroitinase ABC enhances the efficacy of nerve guidance conduits

Donsante, A.; Xue, J.; Poth, K. M.; Hardcastle, N. S.; Diniz, B.; O’Connor, D. M.; Xia, Y. and Boulis, N. M.

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 9, 2000200.

789. Separating growth from nucleation for facile control over the size and shape of palladium nanocrystals

Janssen, A.; Shi, Y. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry: A European Journal, 2020, 26, 13890-13895.

788. Pencil-Like Ag nanorods asymmetrically capped by Pd

Zhou, L.; Lyu, Z. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry of Materials, 2020, 32, 5361-5367.

787. Pt−Co truncated octahedral nanocrystals as a highly active and durable catalyst toward the oxygen reduction reaction

Shen, M.; Xie, M.; Slack, J.; Waldrop, K.; Chen, Z.; Lyu, Z.; Cao, Z.; Zhao, M.; Chi, M.; Pintauro, P.; Cao, R. and Xia, Y.

Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 11718-11727. (invited submission for the web-themed collection to celebrate 60 years of the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter)

786. Nanobottles for controlled release and drug delivery

Qiu, J.; Xue, J. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 9, in press. (invited progress report for a special issue dedicated to Professor George M. Whitesides)

785. Maneuvering the migration and differentiation of stem cells with electrospun nanofibers

Xue, J.; Pisignano, D. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Science, 2020, 7, 2000735. (invited review article)

784. Phase-change materials for controlled release and related applications

Qiu, J.; Huo, D. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Materials, 2020, 32, 2000660. (progress report)

783. Engraving the surface of electrospun microfibers with nanoscale grooves promotes the outgrowth of neurites and the migration of Schwann cells

Wu, T.; Xue, J. and Xia, Y.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 15626-15632. 

782. Pt-Ir-Pd trimetallic nanocages as a dual catalyst for efficient oxygen reduction and evolution reactions in acidic media

Zhu, J.; Xie, M.; Chen, Z.; Lyu, Z.; Chi, M.; Jin, W. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Energy Materials, 2020, 10, 1904114.

781. Quantitative analysis of the multiple roles played by halide ions in controlling the growth patterns of palladium nanocrystals

Yang, T.-H.; Zhou, S.; Zhao, M. and Xia, Y.

ChemNanoMat, 2020, 6, 576-588. (VIP article)

780. Aqueous synthesis of Pd-M (M = Pd, Pt, and Au) decahedra with concave facets for catalytic applications

Huang, H.; Chen, R.; Liu, M.; Wang, J.; Kim, M. J.; Ye, Z. and Xia, Y.

Topics in Catalysis, 2020, 63, 664-672.

779. Killing cancer cells by rupturing their lysosomes

Qiu, J. and Xia, Y.

Nature Nanotechnology, 2020, 15, 252-253. (invited news & views article)

778. Moving electrospun nanofibers and bioprinted scaffolds toward translational applications

Wu, T.; Mo, X. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 9, 1901761. (progress report)

777. Crystal-phase and surface-structure engineering of ruthenium nanocrystals

Zhao, M. and Xia, Y.

Nature Reviews Materials2020, 5, 440-459.

776. Pd-Ru alloy nanocages with a face-centered cubic structure and their enhanced activity toward the oxidation of ethylene glycol and glycerol

Zhao, M.; Lyu, Z.; Xie, M.; Hood, Z. D.; Cao, Z.; Chi, M. and Xia, Y.

Small Methods, 2020, 4, 1900843.

775. Facile synthesis of Pd-Cu bimetallic twin nanocubes and a mechanistic understanding of the shape evolution

Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Liu, J.; Chase, E. and Xia, Y.

ChemNanoMat, 2020, 6, 386-391. (highlighted on the cover)

774. Transforming nanofiber mats into hierarchical scaffolds with graded changes in porosity and/or fiber alignment

Li, H.; Wu, T.; Xue, J.; Ke, Q. and Xia, Y.

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2020, 41, 1900579.

773. Facet-controlled Pt-Ir nanocrystals with substantially enhanced activity and durability towards oxygen reduction

Zhu, J.; Elnabawy, A. O.; Lyu, Z.; Xie, M.; Murray, E. A.; Chen, Z.; Jin, W.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y.

Materials Today, 2020, 35, 69-77. (highlighted in the news section of the same issue)

772. Surface capping agents and their roles in shape-controlled synthesis of colloidal metal nanocrystals

Yang, T.-H.; Shi, Y.; Janssen, A. and Xia, Y.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 15378-15401. (invited review article)