Archived Publications

797. A mechanistic study of the multiple roles of oleic acid in the oil-phase synthesis of Pt nanocrystals

 Xie, M.; Lyu, Z.; Chen, R. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry: A European Journal, 2020, 26, in press.

796. How to remove the capping agent from Pd nanocubes without destructing their surface structure for the maximization of catalytic activity

Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Cao, Z.; Xie, M. and Xia, Y. 

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, in press.

795. Noble-metal nanocrystals with controlled shapes for catalytic and electrocatalytic applications

Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Zhao, M.; Chen, R.; Nguyen, Q. and Xia, Y.

Chemical Reviews, 2020, in press. (invited review article)

794. A new catalytic system with balanced activity and durability toward oxygen reduction

Cao, Z.; Xie, M.; Cheng, H.; Chen, R.; Lyu, Z.; Xie, Z. and Xia, Y.

ChemCatChem, 2020, in press

793. Facile synthesis of Ag@PdnL icosahedral nanocrystals as a class of cost-effective electrocatalysts toward formic acid oxidation

Wang, W.; Chen, Z.; Shi, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Cao, Z.; Cheng, H.; Chi, M.; Xiao, K. and Xia, Y.

ChemCatChem, 2020, in press.

792. Spatiotemporally controlling the release of biological effectors enhances their effects on cell migration and neurite outgrowth

Xue, J.; Wu, T.; Qiu, J. and Xia, Y.

Small Methods, 2020, 4, 2000125.

791. Promoting cell migration and neurite extension along uniaxially aligned nanofibers with biomacromolecular particles in a density gradient

Xue, J.; Wu, T. Qiu, J.; Rutledge, S.; Tanes, M. L. and Xia, Y.

Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, in press.

790. Controlling the release of neurotrophin-3 and chondroitinase ABC enhances the efficacy of nerve guidance conduits

Donsante, A.; Xue, J.; Poth, K. M.; Hardcastle, N. S.; Diniz, B.; O’Connor, D. M.; Xia, Y. and Boulis, N. M.

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 9, 2000200.

789. Separating growth from nucleation for facile control over the size and shape of palladium nanocrystals

Janssen, A.; Shi, Y. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry: A European Journal, 2020, 26, in press.

788. Pencil-Like Ag nanorods asymmetrically capped by Pd

Zhou, L.; Lyu, Z. and Xia, Y.

Chemistry of Materials, 2020, 32, 5361-5367.


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