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Archived Publications


Controlling the nucleation and growth of Au on a-Se nanospheres to enhance their cellular uptake and

Cheng, H.; Wang, C.; Lyu, Z.; Zhu, Z. and Xia, Y. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145, 1216-1226.


Facet-controlled synthesis of platinum-group-metal quaternary alloys: The case of nanocubes and {100}

Wang, C.; Huang, Z.; Ding, Y.; Xie, M.; Chi, M. and Xia, Y. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2023, 145, 2553-2560.


Phase-controlled deposition of Ru on Pd nanocrystal templates: The effects of particle shape and size

Janssen, A.; Nguyen, Q.; Lyu, Z.; Pawlik, V.; Wang, C. and Xia, Y. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2023, 127, 1280-1291.


The role of coverage effects on the structure–sensitivity of formic acid electrooxidation on Pd surfaces

Papanikolaou, K. G.; Shi, Y.; Schimmenti, R.; Xia, Y. and Mavrikakis, M. Journal of Catalysis 2023, 417, 408-420.


Continuous production of carbon-supported and surfactant-free Pt-M (M=Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) nanocrystals for catalyzing oxygen reduction

Xie, M.; Shi, Y.; Chen, R. Shen, M. and Xia, Y. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2022, 169, 126507.


Colloidal synthesis of metal nanocrystals: From asymmetrical growth to symmetry breaking

Nguyen, Q.; Wang, C.; Shang, Y.; Janssen, A. and Xia, Y. Chemical Reviews 2023, in press. (invited review article)

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