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Extraordinary thermal stability and sinter resistance of sub-2-nm platinum nanoparticles anchored to a carbon support by selenium

Chen, Z.; Cheng, H.; Cao Z.; Zhu, J.; Blum, T.; Zhang, Q.; Chi, M. and Xia, Y. Nano Letters 2024, 24, 1392-1398.


Thermal stability of Au rhombic dodecahedral nanocrystals can be greatly enhanced by coating their surface with an ultrathin shell of Pt

Pawlik, V. D.; Zhao, X.; Figueras-Valls, M.; Wolter, T. J.; Hood, Z. D.; Ding, Y.; Liu, J.; Chi, M.; Mavrikakis, M. and Xia, Y. Nano Letters 2024, 24, 549-556.


Rh@Au core-shell nanocrystals with the core in tensile strain and the shell in compressive strain

Pawlik, V. D.; Janssen, A.; Ding, Y. and Xia, Y. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2024, 128, 1377-1385.


Noble-metal nanocrystals: Synthesis and biomedical applications

Chen, Y.; Yan, E. and Xia, Y. Materials Matter 2024, in press (Invited mini-review article)


Nanomaterial-enabled photothermal heating and its use for cancer therapy via localized hyperthermia

Shen, S.; Qiu, J.; Huo, D. and Xia, Y. Small 2024, 20, 2305426. (Review article)

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