Archived Publications


Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Copper Nanocrystals for Plasmonic, Biomedical, and Electrocatalytic Applications

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Template-directed synthesis of colloidal hollow particles: Mind the material used for the template

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Synthesis and characterization of Pt-Ag icosahedral nanocages with enhanced catalytic activity toward oxygen reduction

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Guest editorial: A tribute to Professor Buddy Ratner

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Phase-controlled synthesis of Ru nanocrystals via template-directed growth: Surface energy versus bulk energy

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Guest editorial: A tribute to Professor Nicholas Peppas

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Using computational methods to design patient-specific electrospun cardiac patches for pediatric heart failure

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The use of connective tissue growth factor mimics for flexor tendon repair

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Accelerating cell migration along radially-aligned nanofibers through the addition of electrosprayed nanoparticles in a radial density gradient

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Oriented attachment: A unique mechanism for the colloidal synthesis of metal nanostructures

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Biomimetic scaffolds with a mineral gradient and funnel-shaped channels for spatially-controllable osteogenesis

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Bimetallic Janus nanocrystals: Syntheses and applications

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